Rates & Booking

Rates & Booking

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Prices for Everyone

We have prices that beginners, families and pros will enjoy! Check out our Early Bird Specials

* Please note all rates are based on a per simulator basis. That means the price per hour can always be divided by the number of players. Example: 3 Players book for 2 hours. $45/hr x 2 = $90.00 / 3 players = $30 per player. If you have any questions about our rates or booking please call 286-2255.


Mulligan Monday 30$/hr ALL DAY 45$/hr includes a 60oz Pitcher of domestic beer


Early bird special 9am - 1pm @ 40$/hr After 1pm @ 45$/hr Senior Day (9am - 4pm) @ 35$/hr Local Tall cans $5.50


Early bird special 9am - 1pm @ 40$/hr 15% off select wine $5.50 Cocktails


Early bird special 9am - 1pm @ 40$/hr Domestic Bottles $4.00 12oz Domestic Draught $4.00 18oz Domestic Draught $6.00


Early bird special 9am - 1pm @ $40/hr After 1pm @ 45$/hr Bar Rails $4.50 all day Happy hour 4-6pm


$45.00/hr Shooters $5.00 Specialty Coffees $6.00 Corona/Heineken $5.00


$45.00/hr 12oz Domestic Draught $4.00 12oz draught $4.00 Caesars $5.00 18oz Draught $6.00